Rebranding Strategy
Full fledge rebranding exercise for Bloom Properties. We revisited all their communication material from strategy to creative thus changing their whole brand starting from the brand promise, the brand architecture to the brand story, positioning and enhanced look & feel.
Project Description
Culturally, the real estate industry has always been revolving around “the biggest, the greatest, the tallest, the never seen before” and the need for consumer-centric and mindful real estate brands is at its peak. Residents of the UAE are looking for something they can afford in interesting and well-built communities. Thus the strategy is to position Bloom as a brand that is more than just bricks and mortar; but rather a brand whose essence goes beyond that.

Every moment is a moment for a fresh start. Bloom places you at the heart of everything it does? Bloom builds homes, hospitals, schools, playgrounds, parks and more, but what it provides are communities, places that make you feel at home and that give you the space to reflect on the big and the small. So whether it’s simple dinner plans and leisure activities, or major life decisions such as settling into your first home or welcoming your newborn, Bloom is that ideal place that makes every decision worth it.

Welcome to Bloom. The home of “New Beginnings”.
Scope of work

Rebranding Workshop
Repositioning Bloom & Philosophy & Brand Narrative
Brand Hierarchy Brand
Guidelines and Visual Enhancement