In its wellness sector, Multiply Group’s investments are currently in the rapidly growing HealthTech industry with a specific interest on the holistic wellness and preventative health market.

The global preventive healthcare (technologies and services) market is estimated to reach $240 billion by 2025.

Multiply Group investments of interest include companies associated with preventative health, telehealth, digital therapeutics, FemTech, tele-mental health and CBD wellness.

Portfolio of companies include:
Omorfia Group

The Omorfia Group comprises of personal care and beauty companies, namely Tips & Toes, Bedashing Holding Company and the Ben Suhail Group. The group consolidates consumer-centric businesses that are high-growth, recession proof and with high purchasing power.

Ben Suhail Group

Founded in 2005, Ben Suhail Group is a partnership LLC headquartered in Dubai providing grooming services for women and men along with product distribution of well-known beauty brands. The group operates through its three entities: Tips & Toes, Jazz Lounge Spa, and Ben Suhail Distribution

With 35 branches located across the UAE and KSA, Tips & Toes is the largest women's salon and spa chain in the region.

From employing the most talented technicians and therapists to providing ongoing training at its in-house training academies, the company is committed to delivering top quality services and spa treatments at prices that are accessible to all. The services offered include nail, hair, face, massage, slimming, henna and bridal services.

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Jazz Lounge Spa is the modern man’s ultimate destination for spa, grooming and personal care treatments in the UAE since 2014. The company operates through 7 branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

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Ben Suhail Distribution

With over 17 years of experience in the beauty industry; the company is engaged in products distribution as well as trading activities of perfumes, cosmetics, personal care, and accessories.


Founded in 2008, Bedashing Holding Company operates with 22 lounges across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, RAK and Al Ain. Bedashing offers cosmetic products and services, with a vertically integrated business model comprising of 200+ world-class trained stylists, artists and therapists, as well as, an in-house state-of-art training academy.

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The largest integrated wellness provider of health and wellness services. A one-of-a-kind wellness and prevention scalable telemedicine platform.

In collaboration with Weill Cornell Wellness and Cardiovascular Preventative Medicine in NYC.

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With over 2 decades of industry experience and having formed, and continue to own 100% of the largest communication agency in Abu Dhabi; Multiply Group continues to grow its communication footprint, seeking investment opportunities in companies that optimize operations in marketing and media and create holistic solutions across channels.

Portfolio of companies include:

The world is shifting to an Internet of Behavior and investment in this area has been growing by ~146% over the past 5 years. An increasing demand for personalization means businesses are expected to leverage behavioral insights and create customizable, ‘human’ experiences across channels.

In its digital sector, Multiply Group consolidates investment in tech-centric businesses. The group identifies the latest innovations in marketing, advertising & media globally, disrupting the local landscape and empowering brands with data-driven and hyper-targeted advertising campaigns that optimize ROI.

Multiply Group’s investments of interest include companies associated with digital advertising, data mining and management, creative content automation, AR/VR, mass personalization, and consumer analytics.

Portfolio of companies include:

Investments in electricity supply and clean energies have surpassed investments in oil and gas, and that gap is expected to continue widening in the coming years.

How companies balance supply and demand with the global mandate to reduce carbon emissions and the growing demand for renewable energy will be a key future differentiator.

Multiply Group's utilities sector consolidates steady and predictable cash-flow businesses in the utilities industry.

Portfolio of companies include:

In its ventures sector, Multiply Group invests in profitable, valuable and resilient companies infusing them with capital to reach their full market potential and stay ahead of the economic curve.

While Multiply Group’s Ventures vertical is sector agnostic, the group is pursuing investment opportunities in companies conceptualizing and/or using the latest technology to disrupt the pre-existing models.

Multiply Group’s core aim is to target higher-than-average growth that will maximize shareholder returns.

Portfolio of companies include: