Food not trash
The Disgraceful
Art Show
Food waste has a massive negative impact on the world. Shockingly, a lot of that waste is still perfectly good to eat.
To highlight the tremendous amount of good food that goes to waste, we searched the city’s bins, took the good food that was trashed and turned it into masterpieces. We then exhibited them at the ‘Pure Trash’ exhibition… and through art, we gave the trashed food back its glory and most importantly, a purpose.
We’re supposed to say we’re humbled, but we’re actually proud when we win awards. They’re not a perfect measure of creativity (it’s about happy users, not happy judges) but they’re a sign we’re doing something right.
Our Inspiration?
The City’s Bins
The Buzz

We were able to transform two white walls in Abu Dhabi into a message that resonated around the region.

Which became an instant viral buzz on various social media and news networks across the globe


This drove people to our educational digital platform, where they learned how to make a difference.