Our Services

Enriching Human Experiences

We develop brands, assets, systems, experiences and initiatives based on strategic insights and creativity, fostering growth and distinction for brands.

We use database marketing to generate personalized communications, and market insight to ensure all messaging resonates with your target, enabling your brand to connect, engage and inspire.

Marketing & PR

Understanding your brand and its equity is the key to everything going forward. Brand positioning is a crucial starting point, allowing us to then develop a holistic strategic communication plan by defining your target audience, and by determining the integrated communication channels best suited for your message. With these crucial touch-points, we triangulate on ideas, solutions, and strategies that relate to existing customers and lead to customer acquisition.

Our team, as an extension of your own, will then come up with necessary PR messaging and activations based on lead nurturing and your brand’s core needs and aims. We additionally use the latest Marketing Technology tools to create new ways for your customers to experience your brand.

Social & Digital Media

Digital media is no longer just a choice, it has become a necessity. We facilitate your presence in the digital realm by identifying your challenges and providing attention analytics and digital solutions that meet your business goals by performance attribution and hyper-targeting your audience and delivering optimal cost-to-conversion. Our aim is to design a digital plan and vision for your brand, with focused deliverables, clear road-mapping, and the latest digital technologies on hand, giving your customers the opportunity to experience your brand through mixed reality both offline and online. We aim to provide our customers with low-code website solution that helps them to scale their adaptation process through heat-mapping, sentiments and customer behavior analytics for bluebird sales and low churn rate.

OOH Media & Media Buying

For those interested in optimum exposure with these unique communication mediums, our must-have outdoor media assets are spread all over Abu Dhabi, and can provide them at the most competitive rates. Additionally, Multiply’s Media Department has an extensive track record in media planning and buying for private and government clients, utilizing programmatic DOOH, hyper targeting through Geo- fencing.

Branding & Design

The brand stories we tell go beyond the usual “About Us” page; the brand stories we tell connect your brand and customer in an authentic way. With our design team’s long running experience, we have been bringing brands to life for almost two decades, using trendy designs to engage with your target audiences on a variety of integrated mediums and channels.

Marketing Research

Creating micro-moments and elevating your brand’s equity depend on how well you connect with your target. To read into consumer insights and understand their needs and emotions, our research department uses everything from micro data and market insights to statistical techniques, churn rates, and the latest methods such as neuromarketing. We then develop the optimal strategies to grab their attention, using the messaging and channels that resonate most with the target, and the ideal methods to entice them into engaging with the brand.


Our extensive expertise in event management goes back to the days of the first cityscape in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Ever since then, we have added numerous events and exhibitions to our docket, supporting our clients with continuously innovative and creative solutions and services — just recently, for example, through the network of our global leading partners we introduced MR and Experiential Marketing to our service list.