DXB Towers
Project Branding and Launch Campaign
Branding project for one of Bloom’s flagship projects in Dubai. We named, branded and advertised the 3 tower community in JVC.
Branding Solution
Collectively known as DXB Towers, this development name is patriotic, millennial and undeniably minimalist. When spoken about as individual towers DXB Towers becomes D Tower, X Tower, B Tower, allowing each tower to have it’s own identity while remaining part of the development community.
At first glance, the project presents a predominantly modern face, with an

unhindered view to an ever-changing skyline with a wide variety of scenery and new horizons.

The enviable location gives the project a prompt access to Dubai & its unique flavor and personality;

a cosmopolitan society with an international lifestyle.

One moment you are gazing at the city, another moment you are right in it.

Welcome to the city’s towers.

Welcome to DXB towers.

Scope of work

Full Branding
Communication Strategy
Creative Concept - Copywriting & Script Writing
Art Direction & Storyboarding
(Video & Sound Editing, Color Correction)

Everything is over before it's already begun. culture is moving in fast motion.
there are now eight fashion seasons a year instead of two; email has given way
to Twitter and now Snapchat; #YOLO (you only live once) is the mantra for the
millennial generation. And don't let's get started on #FOMO (Fear of missing out).

Everything is moving fast,
everything is more "now."

Our relationship with time is changing.

our brains are becoming hard-wired to crave instant gratification.

Living in “Generation Now” means putting away your weary & enjoy the moment
by being present;

– at the right place, at the right time

This is the time.