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Multiply Group Corporate Culture
17 Jan 2023


As a holding company, we know strategy guides what we do. But culture determines how decisions are made, how we choose to operate, how much risk we want to take and the overall value system binding the process.


What is Multiply Groups’ Culture?

Multiply Group is a high-performance growth-oriented culture built on empowerment and accountability.

  • At Multiply Group growth mindset is not a corporate buzzword, consistent knowledge building and sharing is a group KPI that has served as a foundational part of our success.
  • We don’t take anything for granted and view any challenge as an opportunity for growth.
  • We have made mental and physical wellness a priority because for employees to do their best, they need to be at their best.

And what ties all of this together is that while we celebrate each of our successes and milestone, we keep our minds sharp and laser focus on finding that next opportunity, striving to ensure that the best is always yet to come.


Lama Al Bachir

Strategy and Growth Director

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