Multiply Group | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Energy & Utilities

Multiply Group is consolidating steady and predictable cash flow businesses in the energy and utilities industry.

This highlights our commitment to increasing energy efficiency while decreasing environmental emissions and investing in technology that optimises energy and water consumption.


A paradigm shift will transform the way people transport and Multiply Group invests in steady cash flow companies with strong track records and an expert understanding of the future of the mobility ecosystem.

Through our investments, we infuse our targets with capital and bolt-on technology, facilitating them to reach their full market potential and stay ahead of the curve.

Wellness & Beauty

Under Wellness & Beauty, Multiply Group invests in local and international companies that specialise in preventative healthcare, beauty, telemedicine and other consumer and corporate wellness-related services.

Our portfolio consists of companies that are leveraging technologies and personalisation to provide treatment and services while pushing boundaries to tap into the growing wellness and beauty markets post-pandemic. 

Media & Communications

Under Media & Communications, Multiply Group seeks and invests in companies that optimise operations in marketing and media and create holistic solutions across channels.

We target companies that are using next-gen technologies and responding to shifts in the marketplace to create real-time and client-centric marketing and communication solutions that engage audiences and transform strategies into results.

Fashion & Living

In the ever-evolving realm of fashion and living, Multiply Group is diligently on the lookout for companies that are well established within their segment and yet have tremendous potential to grow by product, geography and channels.


Our focus lies in identifying brands and enterprises across luxury, masstige and home decor that Multiply can support in their next phase of development, be it through organic growth, inorganic expansion, digitization, sustainability or other relevant trends that are shaping the industry.


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